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About IMCM


Iowa Mid-Century Modern (IMCM) is a group that partners with local businesses, non-profit organizations, and the community. The Iowa Mid-Century Modern organization is composed of passionate vintage enthusiasts and local business owners. IMCM organizes community events, shares ideas and resources, promotes small businesses, and moderates the community and buy/sell/trade Facebook pages.

Our Mission

IMCM is a collective dedicated to building a local community of design enthusiasts. We believe both great mid-century design and a great audience for that design exist in Iowa. Together we can share our passion for mid-century design, architecture, art, and fashion to educate, preserve our heritage, give back to our community, support local businesses, and ultimately foster a lasting appreciation for a remarkable era of design.

Community Involvement


IMCM gives back to the community through partnering with non-profits, donating to charities, and featuring fundraisers that support mid-century architecture and lifestyle in Iowa.

Photography by Ray Fredregill

meet the members


Suzie Fredregill

What started as a harmless infatuation with MCM grew into a passionate affair that gave birth to love child Funky Finds Vintage & Retro (Excuse the metaphor. Suzie was a birth doula in her previous career). Growing up in the era of halter tops and hip huggers, flower-power prints and MOD design was a blast. But it’s the people who love MCM that Suzie loves best. She strives to build a community of like-minded enthusiasts and bring them together through shared interests, like the Iowa MCM Home Tour and other events. Working with other small businesses to promote their success and a spirit of cooperation, as well as bringing public awareness and support to the mid-century era has been her ongoing philosophy.

Meaghan Foshe

Meaghan is a graphic designer, small business manager, and vintage enthusiast. Born and raised in Des Moines, she finds inspiration in the city's historic design and architecture. She's always been a collector––it's in her genes––but her love of mid-century began in her college years when she started managing Funky Finds Vintage & Retro. She is proud to call Beaverdale home and lives in a happy little bungalow with her husband, son, pets, and plants. You can find her work at Kitschy Cat Studio.


Austin Van Laar

Austin Van Laar is an art director and avid collector, restorer and dealer of mid-century modern design. Raised on old movies, 1960s television and estate auctions, Austin quickly developed an obsession with mid-century design. Early collections of cameras and Christmas ornaments eventually morphed into furniture and art. Along the way, he learned furniture refinishing from his mother and has continued to grow his skills, always curious to learn more advanced techniques. On a sunny day you might see Austin tooling around in his 1967 Sedan de Ville—but you’re much more likely to bump into him at a thrift store just about any day of the year.

Angela Griner

Angela is a mom, graphic designer, and mid-century modern enthusiast. By day, she shuttles children around to school, the zoo, the art museum, and sometimes the local thrift stores. By night, she is filling up all her spare time with freelance graphic design projects or renovating their 1958 mid-century modern home in southwest Iowa. 

IMG_5254 2.PNG

Jill Struyk

Jill is a mid-century enthusiast.  Collecting for over 10 years, she has curated a home full of mid-century madness. She is often found around town in vintage wear.  Her day job takes her across the Midwest and has allowed for hunting and thrifting in many small towns! Decorating and organizing are passions of hers, and she loves spending time at her mid-century lake house on the Lake of the Ozarks whenever she can.

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